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Workshop Spotlight: Calligraphy & Flowers

After the success of our past two workshops, we’ve decided to host a third Calligraphy &

Flowers workshop this summer with Katy from Olive & Millicent.

The session will start with a floral arrangement workshop using pretty seasonal flowers that you can then take home. Our floristry workshops are all suitable for beginners, simple

step by step demonstration for each stage of the design allows you to create your own beautiful arrangement to enjoy.

After a brief break for tea, Katy will introduce you to the wonderful world of modern calligraphy. She’ll talk you through the tools and take you step by step through the stages of the craft. You’ll also get a toolkit and workbook to take home with you, so you can continue to practise whenever you like!

Here are some FAQs, for anyone that might be thinking about joining us:

How long will the workshop last?

We don’t like to give a set time, as we want you to relax and enjoy yourselves but the

whole session is usually around 3 hours in total.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just bring yourselves! All tools etc... will be provided, as will hot drinks and did we mention

that there would be cake too?

Is the class suitable for beginners, or is experience required?

The class is perfect for beginners, no experience necessary at all. We’ll take you through

everything step by step, so you’ll get all the support you need.

Do I have to have nice handwriting to be good at calligraphy?

Not at all! The process of calligraphy is actually completely different to normal handwriting,

so forget everything you know!

I’ve tried calligraphy before, is this class for me?

If you feel like you want to brush up on your skills then we’d absolutely love to have you!

We are starting from the very basics, so it may be things you already know but the class

will definitely make you feel more confident.

How many spaces do you have available?

Due to limited desk space, we can currently only accommodate up to 8 people, so spaces

do tend to fill up quite quickly.

Do I need any floristry experience?

Our workshop is suitable for all abilities and is step by step perfect for beginners.

What sort of flowers will we use?

We aim to use seasonal British grown flowers where possible so you will lily be using a

seasonal mix of locally grown blooms

If you’d like to join us, the next workshop will run on Saturday 11th July at 10am - you can

book your tickets here:

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