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DIY Flower Arranging

DIY Flower Arranging from seasonal blooms in your garden

As lock down continues we are all looking for more things to fill our time!

I personally have been creating flower arrangements from seasonal flowers and foliage in the garden. I have put together some step by step simple flower arrangements for you to enjoy in your home using a range of materials found in your garden or home.

Lilac Floral Bowl

This design smells and looks amazing and is so simple to make!

Choose a glass fish bowl or large wide neck vase, clean well and fill with fresh water.

You will need sellotape or floral pot tape if you have it.

Lilac is a really common garden flower. It blooms late April-May.

The flowers are white, lilac or deep purple.

Step 1. Cut yourself 10-15 stems of lilac from the tree depending on the size of your vase. Remove any lower foliage to ensure the stems in the water are clean. Step 2. Use your sellotape or pot tape to create a grid shape across the opening of your vase or container. This will create a structure to support your stems and hold them in place. Step 3. Half fill your vase with fresh water ready for your flowers. Step 4. Re trim each stem on an angle and go round in a circle, stem by stem until the vase is full and over flowing.

Bluebell and Blossom Jug Most of us will have a favourite jug in the kitchen, these often make beautiful containers for bouquets or just a simple few stems to decorate your kitchen table. This step by step method creates beautiful arrangements every time.

Step 1. Cut yourself 12-15 stems of various flowers and foliage from your garden.

I have chosen, blossom, bluebell and eucalyptus.

Step 2. Remove all lover foliage from the stems to ensure clean stems below the water line Step 3. Clean your jug and half fill with fresh water. Step 4. Start with 2/3 stems in the centre, using a spiralling technique keep adding in stem by stem moving in the same direction and evenly spacing out varied flowers. Step 5. Once all flowers and foliage are in place use string or twine to tie off at the spiralling point. Step 6. Trim all stems so they sit level and place in your jug to enjoy pride of place in your home.

Simple Jam Jar Arrangement These arrangements are super simple and are ideal to make with children.

Any blooms can be used. These little cuties look great any time of the year and are perfect to brighten up your home office. Step 1. Clean out any Jam Jar or even tin, use ribbon or stickers to decorate. Step2. Choose yourself 6-7 short stems. Daffodil, Bluebell, Ornamental Grasses or Hebe are all ideal for this. Step 3. Trim all the stems to a similar length, cut on an angle and arrange into the container until you feel happy with your design. Step 4. Enjoy on your home work desk or on a bedside table.

'I must have flowers always & always'

Kirsty x

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