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Dried Flower Craft

Dried flowers and grasses are a huge trend in the home interiors world and in crafting this year. From statement Pampas stems to small dried rose heads you can fill your home with these everlasting blooms for longer enjoyment.

Drying flowers to keep them longer is an age old craft. Everyone loves the beauty of flowers but you are never ready for them to fade away.

Drying flowers is a way of keeping them for longer. There are so many techniques for drying I thought I would talk you through a few tips and tricks to creating everlasting blooms for your home decor and crafting.

Traditionally the easiest way to dry flowers is to harvest at their peak bloom and hang them upside down to keep as much colour and stem strength as possible. Drying flowers using this technique is best in a warm dark place with plenty of air circulation.

Dehydration Technique, this works well on large headed multi petal blooms such as hydrangeas and roses. Place your cut flower in an inch or so of water in a small vestal and allow the bloom to slowly drink itself dry, this may take several weeks but has a beautiful outcome. Simply leave them to do their thing.

Food dehydrating machines are perfect for drying petals for confetti or small flower heads such as Delphinium heads or small rose buds for crafting. This process only takes a few hours and is best for keeping the colour in the bloom.

Sun light or strong light can cause the colour to fade, strip away any lower or unwanted foliage that might not dry nicely.

Drying flowers in silica gel, this can be readily bought in craft shops, lay your flower heads in a tub of silica gel and leave them for a week to dry out. This technique is brilliant for keeping colour and natural shape.

Pressing flowers has always been a popular craft activity with so many keeping their shape, form and colours. Pressing Pansies, Daisy , Buttercups, Rose petals, Delphinium heads as well as foliages and individual leaves to create paper art or frame flower craft is so simple.

You can press flower in between sheet of paper under heavy books or items, the paper will absorb any moisture from the bloom and the weight will flatten and preserve the bloom.

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