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Getting the most from your Christmas Wreath

The weekend just gone saw our first Christmas Wreath workshops being held for 2021.

We still have a few spaces left on some dates if you haven't already booked.

This year we have also teamed up with John Lewis & Partners in Centre MK to host some Christmas Wreath Workshops in their new 'Emporium' area.

Please see the links below, if you would like to book a space

Here at Bedfordshire Flower School we are always aiming to be as sustainable and eco friendly as possible, so I thought I would give you a few suggestions of how you can get the most from your Christmas door wreath with recycling and upcycling ideas.

Reuse the Florist’s Wire and Decorative Items

Most natural wreaths are made by using florist’s wire to secure branches and foliage to a round metal frame. If you find the end of the wire, you can easily unwind it from around the wreath. Once you have all of it off, wrap it around a spool or dowel for easy access – it’ll be ready for use with new craft projects or next year’s wreath. Pine cones, seed heads and artificial decorations such as faux berries and ribbons can all be carefully removed and reused on next years wreath or in other festive decorations, they could even be used to elevate your gift wrapping

Reuse or Recycle the Metal Frame

After you’ve removed the wire, the branches and foliage should freely come off of the metal ring inside your wreath. This metal form can be used for wreath projects for any season by securing branches, leaves, flowers, or seasonal decor to it. Alternately, if DIY isn’t your cup of tea, most uncoated metal rings are recyclable and can be put out with your bottles and cans. You can also use your metal wreath hoop for other craft projects such as Dried floral wreaths, dream catcher or macrame base for a wall hanging.

Compost the Foliage

Once you’ve taken the wire and frame, what remains is the natural greenery. This can be used as fuel for a pine scented fire, composted to provide nutrients for your garden, or mulched for decorative use in flower beds. Here at The Flower Mill and Bedfordshire Flower School we compost all our green waste and its used here on the farm to grow produce.

Drying your Christmas Wreath

We have had several customers say they have left their wreath out until its has completely dried into a golden brown colour and with a bit of sprucing up can be refashioned into a autumnal wreath with additional seed heads and Autumnal leaves. Alliteratively once the wreath is entity dried out it can be sprayed any colour with weather proof spray paint to use for other seasons or craft needs.

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