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'Outside In'

Bringing the outside in with the joy of house plants. Not only are house plants a huge trend in the interior world, they also offer many health benefits. Many house plants are known to oxygenate the air and encourage a healthier environment. Studies have even proven that having house plants in office environments also reduce overall "sick days" of staff!

Here are my top 5 air purifying and health benefiting house plants that are easy and low maintenance to care for.

1. Spider Plant - a beautiful unfussy house pot plant that removes formaldehyde from the air in your home.

2. Aloe Vera - a statement fast growing house plant with plenty of healing properties, great for

treating minor burns and soothing dry or itchy skin.

3. Lavender - a pretty scented flowering house plant perfect for your windowsill space known for its stress relieving benefits.

4. English Ivy - a great plant to put in your bedroom to oxygenate the air and known to keep mould at bay.

5. Snake Plant - ( also known as mother in laws tongue) a beautiful, structural and variegated colour plant that's great for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Another big house plant trend in the interior design world is Succulent Cacti plants.

These low maintenance cute little plants are so easy to care for. Treat them like a cacti they do not need much fuss. They love sandy gritty compost that's great for drainage and they are happy to be reasonably dry. Succulents come in so many different sizes they are perfect for creating bottle gardens or Terrariums. Great fun to do with the kids!

1. Select a fish bowl or wide neck vase to use. Lay a few stones in the base for drainage and layer 2 inches or so of Cacti soil ready to set your Succulents into.

2. Leave space between the plants as they do not like to be too tightly packed it causes rotting and or mould.

3. Once you have added 4/5 plants depending on the size of your container, top up with Cacti soil until they are all bedded in.

4. Use a selection of decorative stone or gravel to complete your design and to aid with drainage.

5. Clean any soil off the glass or container and water moderately (only water every 10-12 days)

We hold a few Terrarium Workshops throughout the year. If you would like to join us, we should be adding some dates real soon, COVID permitting.

Enjoy a little of the outside on the inside. House plants brighten any space!

House Plant Open Day - 4th July

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