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Benefits of Flower Courses

The Power of Flowers in Relieving Stress

We’re diving head first into some fascinating scientific finds, to begin with, about the

power of flowers in relieving stress…

Rutgers University conducted a study on the effects of flowers on our mental

hygiene in 2005.  It encompassed all ages and genders, and it was found that

the power of flowers in relieving stress specifically improve emotional health

by triggering feelings of happiness, joy, positive feelings, and social comfort.

study conducted by Dr. Nancy Etcoff at Harvard found that people feel less

stressed, their relaxation was heighten, they had more energy and

compassionate towards others when they spend time in a floral environment.

Flower Arranging for Mindfulness.

There is a myriad of different activities that you can do to help reduce anxiety,

stress, or depression. Things like yoga, gratitude journaling, breathing

techniques and even gardening.

This last one however, Gardening, has an enormous health benefit in boasting

our mood. There is something really grounding about having a deep and real

connection with nature. Having time away from modern distractions to

appreciate the natural world in all its glory, from simple dew drops on a

summer garden rose to perhaps picking a few choice blooms or greenery to

enjoy inside your home.

Taking time flower arranging for mindfulness in your own home is a great way

to increase your positivity, optimism, and relaxation by indulging in the power

of flowers.

Flowers such as Mint, Rosemary, Lavender, or Chamomile have wonderful

therapeutic fragrances that are brilliant mood lifters. Whereas the scent of

Jasmine can help with relaxation and calmness and aromatic Roses can help

with memory recall and boast creativity.

Even being mindful about the colours you choose to arrange with lifting your

spirits and mood.

How to boast mindfulness with Flowers.

Book onto a Flower arranging class

The power of flowers is something that is close to our hearts here at The

Bedfordshire Flower School and at our sister company The Flower Mill. We see

so many people come to our classes that feel a part of them is unfulfilled in

their careers, that they need to readdress their life balance or tap into and

grow their creativity further.

Our Flower arranging classes & courses are designed for the creative soul.

We have a gorgeous studio workshop tucked in the Bedfordshire countryside that

allows you space not only to connect with nature but also time to prioritise

your own wellbeing.

From beginners to taking up flower arranging as a fun hobby we offer a variety

of short workshops to create one off floral designs to take home and enjoy!

Mindfulness Journaling

The Bedfordshire Flower school offers its own unique book ‘The mindful

Flower arranger’s Journal’. This book has been created specifically for flower

lovers and consists of educational notes, space for you to be creative, puzzles,

some of my favourite quotes and much more.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the Power of flowers in relieving

stress and how to boast mindfulness with Flowers.

Please do follow us on Instagram here to be kept up to date with all our offerings as a flower school.

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