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Christmas Gifts from Bedfordshire Flower School for your creative loved one

Here at Bedfordshire Flower School we have developed a range of gifts available to order on our online store ideal for your creative friend or loved one.

A range of gifts for flower arrangers, flower lovers and anyone who loves crafts and being creative.

From tool kits to 'workshop in a box' ranges as well as our always popular 'The Mindful Flower Arrangers Journal'

All our products can also be posted direct to the recipient if you would prefer to send as a gift, just let us know.

Flower Arranger Handy Tool Belt Apron

£22 including postage

Ideal for keeping your handy must haves for any flower arranging task.

Beautifully embroidered with our Bedfordshire Flower School logo and designed to keep your clothes protected. With three handy storage pockets.

The Mindful Flower Arranger’s Journal

£9.99 including Postage

Mindfulness teaches us to appreciate life's little pleasures and for me it's flowers!'

My idea for this book evolved whilst in lockdown from COVID-19.

From working non stop at 100 miles an hour, to my couples having to cancel or postpone their weddings, and cancelling our workshops and classes.

At the beginning I was unable to get stock of flowers, and the people I normally work closely with, well we weren't able to any longer.

I found myself in the garden, trying to pass the time and occupy my mind!

I was flower arranging and planting seeds, and it felt good.

So I thought 'if flowers help me with my mindfulness, they could helps others...'

This book consists of educational notes, space for you to be creative, puzzles, some of my favourite quotes and much more.

Wreath Workshop in a Box

£50 including postage

For anyone who missed out on our wreath workshop spaces or who simply would just prefer to get creative in the comfort of your own home.

This kit contains all the materials you need to create your very one mossed traditional Christmas wreath with a simple step by step guide to help you design.

Traditional moss and spruce wreaths last 8-10 weeks if kept outside.

Calligraphy Kits from Olive & Millicent

If you or a loved one would like to try something different in the New Year, why not have a go at calligraphy?

Katy from Olive & Millicent has put together some calligraphy kits for those of you

unable to attend her workshops.

Her Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin your calligraphy journey, with a selection of her favourite tools handpicked just for you.

This includes a set of worksheets, a nib, straight pen holder, a pot of black ink and a little canvas bag to keep everything in.

£28 including postage

For those of you that are a little more adventurous, she has also put together a Christmas calligraphy Kit.

This is perfect for anyone that likes to get crafty over the festive season and would like to have a go at creating beautifully lettered pieces. The kit includes a choice of a straight or oblique pen holder, nib, gold ink, a set of blank greetings cards with envelopes and a selection of mixed gift tags complete with gold twine

£36 including postage

Snowflake Decoration Kit from Rachel Sokhal Jewellery

£23.50 including postage

Everyone needs a beautiful beaded snowflake in their lives! Whether it be for the Christmas tree, hanging from the mantelpiece or anywhere else in the home. We’re investing so much more money in our homes nowadays and since we’re spending a lot of time in them too, we’re always looking for ways in which to keep ourselves occupied and make our homes look and feel pretty special. None more so than at Christmas time. It’s that magical time of year when you want to decorate the house with beautiful decorations.

For those magpies among us, this Do It Yourself Snowflake Kit will be your most awaited purchase! Contained within is all you need to create something unique and certainly this beaded snowflake will be treasured year after year. Made even more special by the fact that you’ve made it yourself.

Why would you need one of these DIY Snowflake Kits?


Do you know someone who seems to have everything? Perhaps you’d just like to get someone a unique gift? Maybe someone you know has a creative streak who you know loves jewellery too? This is a great idea for an alternative gift that you know will be loved by the recipient and one that there will be no chance anyone else has thought of the same.


Many of us have a real creative streak and don’t always know how to put it to good use. If you have a love of all things sparkly, then this is the kit for you. It’s so therapeutic to get your creative juices flowing too and you’ll reap the benefits in more ways than one by making something. It’s so good for our confidence, it helps our mental health, it can get you out of the house to meet new people and just generally make us feel good!


So if there was ever any doubt that this wasn’t the perfect purchase, I think we’ve now got you covered! The Do It Yourself Snowflake Kit is available to buy now for just £20, it’s a great stocking filler.

All available to by on our online store

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