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Grow Your Own

For the flower arrangers why not try to grow your own cutting garden, seasonal flowers grown from seed ready to cut and arrange beautiful designs and decorations with.

So many seed producers offer a "Throw and Grow" range of mixed seeds that are perfect for

attracting Bees and Butterfly's to your garden as well as producing beautiful blooms.

They are as simple as they sound!

Simply throw seeds onto raked, weed free soil, water daily and watch them grow into beautiful blooms. These mixed meadow blooms are all long stemmed and ideal for flower arranging or just simply to cut and enjoy as a centre piece on your dining table.

The end of April is an ideal time to plant Dahlia Tubers these will grow into hardy plants ready to bloom in August/September.

Dahlia Tubers are best planted 2/3 inches into the soil, always plant with old stalks up and

Tubers down. Dahlias can also grow from seed to seedlings and once more established

they can be re-set into the ground. Beautiful flowers to enjoy in your garden or to use as cut flowers.

Late spring is also a great time to grown Lobelia from seeds. It is best to sow seeds on top of the soil, do not cover with soil as they need light to germinate, do not over water just lightly mist to dampen the soil. These seeds prefer to be warm to become seedlings so best under glass or in a warm area to get going. Once the plants are established 2-3 inches tall they are ready to be planted into the garden. They prefer full sunny spots with frequent watering but are generally easy, no fuss plants to grow.

You may still find late flowering Narcissi and tulips in bloom in your gardens this time of year,

although many may have finished due to the warm weather. once died back these bulbs can be left in

the ground to lie dormant until the next season. These beautiful bulbs will come back year after year!

Stay Safe x

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