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What is a Floral Frog?

We would like to introduce to you our latest floristry product available to order via our online shop.

The Floral Frog is a pin head like floristry tool invented in the 1950’s to create structure within your flower arrangements without the use of floral foam or oasis as its commonly known.

In 2023 and 2024 we are seeing a huge trend of Ikebana style floral arrangements.

This style of floristry is linear with exposed stems in shallow vessels without floral foam.

Another movement in the floristry world is to be sustainable and reduce our single use plastics as much as possible.

The Floral Frog combines both these movements in once perfect tool when used correctly.

Ikebana floral design has Japanese origins and has been in practise for many years, the minimal style floral arrangements are created securing foliage and flower stems in a linear manor with minimal containers meaning nowhere for floral foam to hide.

The Floral Frog dates back to the 14th century and comes in many forms, most commonly the pin head like metal floral frog that becomes a base for foliage and flowers to form structure with in a shallow container.

British Victorians created a similar flower arranging principle in a ceramic form called a

“Rose Bowl”  the same method is applied with a structure to hold stems and foliage in place while still hosting a water source to extend vase life, although the traditional rose bowls are less effective then Floral Frog with longer stems.

With a weighty base the Floral Frog can turn any container or bowl into a vase to hold water for the flowers and foliage, hence its name as a frog sits in water much the same. We are seeing increased use of the Floral Frog in wedding and event floristry as a mean to secure flowers and foliage but this tool can also be used in flower arrangements at home.

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