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'Me Time'

This blog talks about the importance of switching off and mindfulness to help take away the stresses of every day life.


Mindfulness brings us into the present moment and the here and now.

The present moment isn’t always so fun or comfortable, which is why we often look ahead to the future or distract ourselves with thoughts or worries about the past.

Mindfulness focuses our attention back to the present moment in a non-judgmental way. It allows us to be in our experience without needing to change it.

Mindfulness (noun) - a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations.

Apart from the popular mindfulness practises like Yoga and Meditation so many hobbies can be used to practice mindfulness.

Many of our workshop attendees say they feel our workshops and craft classes are therapeutic and a perfect way to have a little “me time”.

Hobbies are activities that you involve yourself in for pleasure and enjoyment, they are a break from your regular or compulsive activities such as work or every day chores.

Our classes offer a relaxing friendly environment to learn a new skill or peruse a hobby, make new friends and to break away from your norm. Creative hobbies are the perfect way to practice mindfulness, spend time focusing on what you are doing, making and creating and take your mind away from daily stresses and distractions.

When you practice mindfulness via a hobby you are able to focus and think objectively, be in the present moment and take your mind away from routine surroundings and stresses.

Flower arranging and floristry are an art from the same as painting or sculpting and run hand in hand with mindfulness practice, while flower arranging you can engage with nature, creativity and express yourself via design. While focusing your creativity you take your mind to the present moment using, touch, smell and sight to design and create your floral display. This is the same for many creative hobbies.

As well as floristry workshops we offer beginners modern-calligraphy-workshop with Katy from Olive and Millicent. Check out our up coming workshops and her previous blog post

Take a look at our 2022 workshops and craft classes and have a little me time!

The Mindful Flower Arrangers Journal the-mindful-flower-arranger-s-journal

We created The Mindful Flower Arrangers Journal for people who love flowers and enjoy mindfulness, the perfect daily pass time to help you de stress a long with floristry top tips and design advice. research has suggested that mindfulness can lower stress levels, blood pressure and improve your sleep. Mindfulness teaches us to appreciate life's little pleasures and for me its flowers! As well as mindfulness the journal teaches you simple elements and principles of floral design. Hints, tips and tricks for all flower arrangers from beginners to experts. So many people enjoy fresh cut flowers in their homes, colour and scent boosts the mood as well as sentiment if they have been received as a gift.

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